Parlez Aux Entités Intermédiaire
27 March 2023
Marseille, France


Class time:
27 March 2023 @ 9.30am – 5pm CET
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Marseille, France

41 Rue de Lodi, Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur 13006

Now that you have discovered the foundational tools of Talk To The Entities Beginning, are you ready to step up your engagement with the spirit world with the Intermediate class?

Expand your capacities for communication and open to more of the gifts that are being given.

What questions do you still have and what awarenesses would you like to explore?

Receive the Intermediate manual full of extended tools and information.

Awareness of all will grow your life. The choice now is yours.

This is a NEW prerequisite for all future Advanced classes.

The Foundation and TTTE Beginning within 12 months

Your investment:


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