TTTE Intro & Beginning
4-6 December 2022
Kyoto, Japan

English, Japanese

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4 December 2022 @ 6.30-8.30 pm JST
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5-6 December 2022 @ 10am – 5.30pm JST
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Kyoto, Japan


The Talking to Entities Beginning class
The perfect way to dive into the world of Talk to Entities and tools and discover the value and space of this work and what it can do for you.
If you are afraid of entities, this class is for you!
Have you been consciously looking for a way to increase your capacity in this area for a while, then this class is for you!
What if most of what you’ve learned and been told about entities and spirits is not true?
Do you want to start unlocking what is preventing you from having more awareness, ease and use of your abilities in this area?
The ease of awareness and the pleasure of receiving are at our doorstep. Unlock the mystery of the pleasure of entertaining and you will have access to much more !!

Pre-requisites: Access Bars®

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