Are you a teacher, headmaster, student, parent are you closely connected to kids and youngsters? And is now the time to start creating a different reality within the field of education? So many kids/ youngsters/ teachers/ … are having a hard time keeping their head above the water.

What if there was a different possibility?  A way to thrive again, to get your fun, your ease and your glory back in business.

These classes are designed to give you awareness on what is truly going on for you and to empower you to ask questions, stop to buy into other peoples limitations, projections, conclusions, judgements, start to wonder about your capacities. How many stories are you maybe conscious maybe unconsciously keeping in place, that keep you recreating mistakes and failure from the past?

With the Access Consciousness tools and clearings you start to take of the energetic charge of all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, considerations,.. of past trauma and drama, which gives you the freedom of choice and the chance to create a different result and a different future? How would you learn or teach if you knew you couldn’t fail?

I’ve been coaching kids and youngsters worldwide and since using access tools change is quick, ease, joy and glory. What if you are not as screwed up as you think you are? And what if you’ld learn how to use the system for you instead of against? Does that sounds more fun or less?

Since you are reading this, you probably know something else is possible and maybe nobody has ever told you that yes you probably are very different than the people around you. And what if that is your gift to this world. What if your knowing about the system and how things role these days is not wrong and what if you would stop making yourself wrong for it not working for you? What? Is that possible?

Are you ready to discover:

  • You are not stupid, slow or whatever they have told you?
  • How you study, think, look at the world?
  • How to look at the system and work with it? (Lets say use it to your advantage ;-))
  • How to stop trying to understand and start to increase your knowing and awareness.
  • Your brilliance, the gift you be?
  • Your voice and what it is you desire to create in the world.

For teachers, parents & headmasters

Would you like:

  • More clarity on how to work with different kids (yes even if they appear slow and due to school results maybe are labeled as stupid, less, incapable, … Most of them are to quick which gets them in trouble)
  • A different possibility to work with your students?
  • Ease, joy and glory doing your job?
  • Gaining loads of tools to facilitate your students into greater possibilities?
  • A very different approach on how to create your classes?
  • Have more energy and fun in your job?
  • Step into your full potency and be whatever is required for your kids to do the same?
These classes and tools have the ability to create massive change for issues in the area of: Insecurity, stress, anxiety, failure, learning disabilities, labels, behaviour problems, depression and sadness to name a few.

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