Do you dance with the rhythm of your body?

Asking a Question
A half a year ago my back completely blocked. I booked a session with a facilitator, and whilst he was working on me, I noticed things moving in my body, and my body showing me things that I had not been previously aware of. And I wondered, how much has my body been creating things to move me onto the path that I had been asking for?

Often, if something isn’t working in our body, we have never been taught to ask: ‘What is right here with what isn’t working?’

Whenever something was not working with my body, I started to ask: ‘What if this is not a problem? Who or what can show me a different possibility here? Is this the change i have been asking for?’ These questions started creating a space for different people and different possibilities to come into my life, rather than people that wanted to fix me or my body.

The rhythm of your Body

Everybody has a rhythm, and bodies have the ability to start swinging to the same rhythm after spending a certain amount of time together.

If you are willing to have that awareness it will become easier to recognize when you are giving up your rhythm in the favour of other people!

You might start to notice that some rhythms are more generative for you body than others, the rhythm that function from the space of looking at what works for you, rather than from the space of judgement.


There are days I know I can be around certain people only for a short time before my rhythm starts decreasing. More and more, before I travel or visit somewhere I ask how long can I be somewhere? What if you would start asking before going somewhere: “How long can I be there, before giving parts of me up?” This will give you an awareness of maybe minutes, hours, days,…


And if you are too polite to do what works for you, what if you would at least allow yourself to receive the information and then ask: “What is possible in that timeframe?”


How many rhythms, energies and awarenesses are we refusing to receive that create the disease in our bodies?

How much force do you exert on your body and what would change for you if you started considering your body as a dance partner? Sometimes what is required, is for a dance partner to take the lead for you both to find the rhythm. Imagine, if you were always taking the lead, by you constantly taking control, the rhythm slows down, and even stops. What if, by asking: ‘What else can I be here?’ you can allow a different rhythm to show up for you and your dance partner or in this case your body!

Your body & the Earth
How much are our bodies aware of the rhythm of the Earth? Are you listening to it? How many of us have learned how to ignore it? Just because you ignore it, it doesn’t mean that your body is not aware of it.
How much is the earth showing us different possibilities all the time, and if we listen to it and that rhythm you might start swinging in a different motion? What if you were to acknowledge how much you are already in the rhythm with the Earth?

When I work with bodies, I ask the body to show me it’s rhythm, I have found that this unlocks the vibrations the body has, and it will show me the possibilities that are available in that moment.  

When you start noticing how much we judge, conclude and look for answers, you slow down the rhythm, the molecules which eventually solidify. We become aware of how much we stop ourselves from dancing the dance of possibilities.

The doorway to change
When you ask a question, you open the doorway to changing what isn’t working, and to it de-solidifying what has been made immoveable and solid.

Next time you feel stuck, what if you asked…’ What else is possible here?’ What if you start perceiving the music turning up again in your life? Keep asking the question until you can hear the beat of music again, your lighter, clearer beat again. And ask your body: ‘Can you show me what you know about rhythm?’

Everything has a rhythm – your business, the Earth, your body,
I warmly invite you to be in communion, and in rhythm with your body, and the earth. What if you started to experience the joy of starting this dance?

What would our planet be like if you and your body could be an invitation for change and a greater possibility for you and everybody else?

If you would like to join me in discovering the joy of dancing to the rhythm of your life, I welcome you to find out more here (

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