TTTE House Clearing A-Z
30 June 2024
Porto, Portugal & Online

English, Portuguese

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30 June 2024 @ 2.30-4.30 pm WEST
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Porto, Portugal & Online


Rua Simão Bolivar, 259 2.ºDTZ 4470-214 Maia centro (entrada fica entre agência Solnorte e frutaria Hort&Frutas),  Maia- Porto

This class is a 2 hour Intro to Talk to the Entities from Access Consciousness. Tools and clearing to gain more awareness of and handle entities/spirits and tap into capacity in that area. This class in particular will be focused on using these tools to clear physical spaces like homes, offices, any building. Works great for Real Estate agents and anyone buying, selling, or even looking to rent an apartment or home! And great for anyone who is interested in developing their psychic awareness and consciousness in general, as well!

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