The flight of your inner dragon

What are you? A Dragon or a Chihuahua?
Yes, the little dog that makes a lot of noise but does not achieve what a dragon can achieve in life.

The truth of who we are is not often shown through our behavior.
Isn’t it weird?

Our reality is created, based on the points of view we have. About us, about others, about the world, about everything!
But are these really true? Or are they inventions, reinforced by the stories we tell?

Did you learn about dragons? Or did you learn that dragons don’t exist?
Many people believe only what they can see and make everything that goes beyond it non-existent.

Have you tried to only show yourself to the world as that what could be recognized and received by the others around you?

For example, you are a dragon and as a child you see that this is one of the things that is not accepted. The alternative is to pretend to be a Chihuahua, they go wonderfully well.
They are cute, they are controllable,… and they are not you!

Most of us have somehow “de-dragonized” themselves: we have learned that we are less powerful, less able, less good and less magical than we really are. It often creates difficulties in many parts of our life, until we choose all of our power.

4 tools to awake your inner dragon.

1 / Ask yourself the question, am I a Dragon?

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