What would it be like, if you would allow yourself to have more space?


Hi from the south of France,

After finishing a mindblowing 3 Day Access Consiousness Body Class, I’m inviting you and your body to some questions I have been playing with lately.

Have you been yearning for a life in which you can have all of you?
A space where you can breath and enjoy your body?
Stand on the earth, trust and feel connected with you and the universe?

For years I have been looking into this myself. I thought it was about finding the right things so I would be able to have the feeling of being complete and content. It never worked. There were always parts missing, actually I was missing me. Things have been shifting in the last few years and everything keeps expanding every day, because I ask them to.

The connection our bodies be with the earth, is magical. For years I’ve been fighting, having no idea for what. And then, a few months ago, I heard this question:


Waowww… I had never thought of that!

What am I actually fighting for?
If I would be fighting for more consciousness on the planet, what would my life be like?
What would me business be like? What would I truly choose?
Would it be the same?
What do I have to change here?

The more I asked these questions, the more I started realizing how much I was looking for the right answers with words, instead of just quieting my brain and being present with the energy that I could perceive after asking these questions. It took me to be control. Not the control I had been before that was contracting new possibilities, the control of mastering my thoughts and not start to look for an answer.


“You have to be space in order to hear the whispers of new possibilities!”


Do you ever make yourself wrong for not having words? Do you ever believe you don’t know because you don’t have the words? What if you could stop that right now and ask: what and how do I perceive energy, and then just wait and expand your zone.

Make yourself as big as the room, as big as the house, as big as your city… yes like that, keep expanding!

And now perceive, don’t try to feel, just perceive and let the energy show itself to you!

If you do this every day it will become easier and easier, as might your life! We and our bodies are build from space and energy, it costs a lot energy to separate from that, the more you practise to expand to more energy will be available to you.

The contributions we and our bodies are to the earth, with every choice for having more of us we make, keeps astonishing me. The beauty each and everyone is and the magic all of us have, amazes me every time I give a class or a session.

It takes a lot of courage sometimes to let go of our brains, yet the reward for the choice to show up is something I have experienced as something that nothing or no-one else will be able to gift to you, ever!

Is this something you have been looking for? Have you maybe given up because you didn’t find it? What if you could have it now?

Having communion with the earth, your body is maybe asking for? Having no more separation between you and your body, loved ones, money, entities, others, … Being the source of a different possibility just by walking on the earth.


“What choice can I make today to expand my life and create more consciousness on the planet right away?”


One of the classes that will facilitate you to practise YOUR energetic skills, have ease with YOUR awareness, trust YOU & YOUR knowing and expand into RECEIVING the gift YOU are, Is TALK TO THE ENTITIES.

What if you could receive from every single molecule and entity? Including the earth, your businesses, your creations, …? Would that be fun?


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