When your body starts talking!

Do you know these friends.. that read your mind, they know your face and they know exactly what is going on for you even if you decided you didn’t want to talk about it, neither did you want to know about it. The most annoying ones are these that will tell you what’s up in their mind, even if you don’t want to hear it. (I have to say, I have done this to others.. so, no this is not a complaint letter).

I noticed this week my body became one of them. And also one of the most expensive snobby ones I actually know. These friends that will get you on a business class flight while you had decided economy class was not a problem and the ones that will elegantly seduce you to book a lot of stars hotel for some days after class. (eye-roll)

Ok so I had choice, I had the choice to say no, I will not… and then I actually asked a question.

What will create the live I desire here? Is it following my bodies knowing or do what I usually do. Going into reason and justifications why I should not. I clearly got, reason and justification would not cut it after this intensive Advanced Body class with Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer.

My body started being even more clear, as if it was telling me. “Hey girl, yes we got capacities, we got capacities to facilitate other bodies, to heal them, to show them a different way and now I really require a little space to get back home. “Wow, ok fine, so there I sat in the business class lounge with a deep feeling of peace and gratitude. This was just a choice and one that my body really required. Why? There is no real why and here is some tool and awareness that might open up something in your world.

Have you ever heard of the question: Who does this belong to? If you have been in my classes probably yes and otherwise have a look HERE.

Most bodies I have met in my life, have this capacity to take things out of other bodies and transform them. The trouble is if you don’t recognise it isn’t yours, that it’s just an awareness from another body or something around you (near or far), your body is gonna start creating it for real.

So I know my body does this a lot and over the years I have learned to let go of the points of view I had about this and appreciate this capacity and use it to create greater as well. And today my body just needed a different space to be in. Do you ever wonder what is gonna work best for your body?

“Body what do you require of me?” is one of the questions I ask a lot. I usually work 7 days a week, over 15 hours a day and this question has saved my booty many times in the last few months 😉

I’ve been working a lot with people that had stuff going on in their bodies and over 90% of the time it wasn’t theirs. They tried to change it (Pain, Depression, Weight…) and whatever they did it wasn’t happening, cause it wasn’t theirs in the first place.
If you read this and you have never heard about this you might think i’m crazy, don’t worry I am, i know and yet this was even more crazy.
Like over 90% of the things in your body not being yours? For real? Yup, for real!

For myself even though I know that 99,99999% is just an indication of something or someone around the world, still sometimes I catch myself saying “I have …” I know last time I did it saying “I have an headache” and one hour later, while being almost in tears from the pain, I got a call from a student who was not able to show up because of Migraine. Whaaaaaaaaatttt??? That day I cried and laughed for over 5 hours, mourning about my own stupidity. I could have asked my body, what are you doing? Is this ours?…Yet I didn’t.

So playing with some basic tools and questions totally changed my connection with my body, going from a girl that suffered physical abuse while growing up and having a hard time being present with my body, into a being that knows my body is ok and knows I don’t have to live from that story any longer, ’cause it has nothing to do with who or what I be and nothing to do with what my body knows, is capable of and can create in the world.

Bodies are able to get you through stuff minds cannot imagine. If you are willing to step beyond the story of your past, a different reality opens up. Let the magic with bodies begin!

Thank you for reading me! And what else is possible now?

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