Being you, changing your school

Do you know these kids? They are quick, know everything at the wink of an eye, they are enthused, excited, happy… and then they get to school. Where they learn what they should know, where they get told how they should be and most of the times what/how they should certainly not be.

I’ve been a teacher in high school for quiet some time, I worked in a wonderful institute and yet I saw a lot of students getting themselves in trouble. A lot of them were stressed out, had difficulties with learning, concentration issues, struggling with feelings of depression and so on.

Most of them desired to fit in, yet realizing they were so different, which often created a massive conflict within themselves and with everybody and everything around them. I had kids asking me “Why am I so different?”, they would tell me “I want to be normal”.

I would ask them: “And what if everything you have decided is a wrongness about you, is actually a strongness?”

One of the questions i gave them to play with: “What’s right about me, I’m not getting?” “What’s right about this, I’m not getting?”

When things are not working the way you know they could, are you looking for what’s wrong about it, or wondering what’s right about it?

The moment you start asking for what’s right about something or about you, you start opening up doors to a different possibility. Far beyond what your brain could ever imagine or think of. When you ask about the wrongness, you will probably find more reasons and justifications for whatever you have decided is wrong about something or about you.

So what is it you really want to create? More wrongness or a different possibility?

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