What else is possible with your body? If you would ask it, what would it say?

The Access 3 Day Body Class is for your body …
It gives you the possibility for a greater relationship with your body.

People who have attended the Access Body Class have reported dramatic shifts and incredible changes with their body, from changes in size and shape, a relief from chronic and acute pain and dis-ease.

The Access Body Class is designed to open up an engaging dialogue and create a communion with your body. This communion allows you to enjoy your body instead of fighting against it and abusing it. When you change the way you relate to your body, you can change how you relate to everything in your life.

Do you have a talent or an ability to work with bodies that you haven’t unlocked? What do you know? Are you a physical therapist, bodyworker, massage therapist, chiropractor, medical doctor or nurse looking for a way to enhance the healing you can facilitate for your clients? Here is an invitation to come and play with us.

Pre-requisites: Access Bars®, The Foundation

Class times: 21-23 May @ 10-18 h CET

The event is finished.

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