Beings of Light
from the Castle in Italy
Free Bookreading

We are accompanied on this planet by the most splendid “mega-beings’. Some have called them angels, others guardians, and now BEINGS of LIGHT.

Most have forgotten them, others totally disbelieve and very few receive. The Beings of Light are here to work with us to create greatness on earth.
To enjoy the greatness of embodiment and flourish with life and nature. Diving into this book will be an energetic experience like no other. Open the book and start RECEIVING.

Join Yasodhara for this 4 nights bookreading in which 30% of the book will be covered.

Replays of each episode will only be available for 24hours in a FB group and deleted after.

So join us live and in the FB group

Call time: 13-14-15-16 January @ 9 pm CET | Your time and date

Pre-requisite: Owning the book Beings of Light from Shannon O’Hara (Paperback or Ebook)

The event is finished.

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