Right Voice For You Writing Challenge
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Unlock your creative writing capacities!

What is waiting to be written by you? Is it a book, a song, a poem, a blog, …?

Have you been procrastinating? Judging? Stopping?

Join Us for this 4 day challenge on Facebook

*Daily video with a tool to practice.
*Daily 5-10 min writing time

Get to know the powerful tools of Right Voice For you and Access Consciousness and allow them to change the way you created!
What if you were the unstoppable creative force in the universe, that brings the future you are aware off in existence?

What else is possible?

Class Dates:
FB lives: 10-13 August @ 9.30 pm CET • Your time and date
Free Zoom: 14 August @ 9.00 pm CET • Your time and date

The event is finished.

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