Clearing night Surgery with Ease

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What is possible with surgery, bodies and recovery, that reaches beyond unconscious separation from the body and pain.

What if you could assist yourself and others to get clear on what a body requiers, on letting go and clearing of limitations; trauma and drama before and after surgery and choose surgery with ease.

What if you could choose surgery together with your body? And assist your clients with this as well?

Have you been having surgery and is your body still dealing with the effect after? What else is possible?
Would like to have more ease with assisting others physically, emotionally and energetically while undergoing surgery?

A call for practitioners, patients, doctors, medical staff and everyone that desires more ease with surgery (past – present – future) and everything that comes around with it.

Call time: 22 February 2022 @ 8pm CET | Your time and date

The event is finished.

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