Talk to the entities Office hours
Online, Zoom


Talk to the Entities business hours are the time and space you choose to get to work clearing, communicating, receiving and cooperating with the spirit world.

Many of the undesirable side effects people can have from the spirit world are simply due to not using the tools that facilitate all energies and entities.

Every choice you make to get to work will pay off in a million unexpected and expansive ways.

Business hours can be 3 min or 3 hours depending on the day, the person and the spirits.

Don’t be shy, don’t be lazy. The spirit world is real and you are aware.

Making this time for clearing, communicating, receiving and cooperating can make your life and the world a million times easier.

TTTE the Beginning

Time schedule of the class:
4rd of May | 19h00h CET | Your time and date
4 Weeks ( 2 times a week)
Wednesday & Saturday 20 min via zoom
Ends 28th May

The event is finished.

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